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Beatnk – a new micro network for independent agencies across Southeast Asia launches. Guess who’s a part of it?

Tanner Nagib, Founder, Beatnk

A+M has reported that Tanner Nagib, former regional client service director at Hakuhodo Singapore, has founded a micro network of independent agencies named Beatnk, headquartered in Singapore.

“Beatnk aims to offer clients with integrated strategic and creative solutions they need to stay relevant in today’s multichannel world.”

Although Nagib thought of the concept in early 2018, he only got it going in the fourth quarter of 2019.

“The micro network’s three key objectives are enabling as many brands as possible to leverage on a professional and highly qualified talent pool to upscale their marketing/branding/communication/advertising needs; to give the smaller independent outfits an even better chance in competing for the larger pies in the market; and to enable SMEs, start-ups and smaller companies a realistic opportunity to work with some of the best without the price tags traditionally expected in that relationship.”

Southeast Asia is Beatnk’s primary focus, with the network already in Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Agencies already in the network are Malaysia’s Mad Hat Asia, Trapper Media Group, Hot Pictures, and Tish Events; Singapore’s McGagh Communications and Studio Daydream; and Thailand’s TJT Creative Labs. It also brought on board US-based UX/UI agency SquareFlair. The network is also looking to establish partnerships with agencies in Indonesia and Indochina soon.

Read the full article here.

Spoiler alert: As you would have guessed by now, REBL is proud to be a member of the Beatnk network. Why weren’t we mentioned in the article? We weren’t, and aren’t quite ready for the big reveal… which will be coming up shortly. Watch this space!

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