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Get to Know: Nai Lun, Digital Intern

An undergraduate at NTU Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Nai Lun recently completed her three-month internship at REBL. We had a candid exit chat with her to get her to share her thoughts on her internship experience here.

(And no, she was not under any duress to tell us what we wanted to hear… as far as we know that is.)

Photograph of Tan Nai Lun
We may or may not have threatened Nai Lun to give us model answers to this interview or risk getting thrown off the roof.

What was your expectation of what you would be doing and learning during your internship?

I expected to learn the mechanics of running a social page, such as content creation and creating ads. Thankfully, I managed to learn all this at REBL and even more—I learnt how to communicate with clients, analyse data to compile into a report and plan timelines.

Most importantly, I never expected to be given the authority to plan out and create a whole month of content by myself (under guidance of course). It was daunting at first since it was my first time doing such a thing, but it was an opportunity that truly got me to push myself and learn.

What were some of your duties and responsibilities as a digital / social media intern at REBL?

I was tasked to operate the printer and brew coffee (ok kidding).

I started off by handling community management and helping with writing post copies. Afterwards, I was given the opportunity to plan content calendars, propose and run ads, engage with influencers and write reports (which is honestly the toughest thing I’ve done because there’s so many numbers).

“Past internships I’ve done don’t really let their interns do the planning (only the execution), so it’s definitely great that I could fully experience what social media management is about.”

What would you say you’ve learned from this internship?

I think the biggest takeaway would be getting a hands-on experience in social media management. Past internships I’ve done don’t really let their interns do the planning (only the execution), so it’s definitely great that I could fully experience what social media management is about.

Now that you’ve had a taste of digital advertising, would you consider a job or career in the industry after you graduate?

I wouldn’t mind a career in digital advertising, but I would still want to have a go at a career in journalism because I’m more comfortable with long-form writing and formal language. But we’ll see! HAHA

What would you say was the highlight of your time here at REBL?

I think definitely when we were filming a campaign video for a client (below). It’s not what we do every day in the office, and I rarely got to participate in shoots so it was an eye-opening experience for me!

What will you miss most about REBL?

Hock Heng Cooked Food, Blk 49 Sims Place, #01-31 Sims Vista Market, Singapore 380049

The fish soup at the hawker nearby LOL but I would also miss working in this chill environment where I was given enough space to breathe yet learn a lot at the same time.

There was also a lot of guidance given on what I did and how I could improve, which is something that is quite hard to come by.

Would you recommend others to take on an internship at REBL?

YES because I think it’s a good place to grow your knowledge and skills. I don’t have anyone breathing down my neck but yet there’s always someone I can turn to for help. An advice would be to not be afraid to ask questions, because you’ll definitely get an answer!

Describe REBL in 5 words.

Fun, positive and borderline alcoholic (LOL)

Do you have any other parting words for your colleagues?

Thanks for guiding this lost child through her work and for putting up with my BS hectic work/dance schedule!! Hopefully we’ll see each other again sometime~

To apply for an internship at REBL, you may email your resume to [email protected]

All of Nai Lun’s responses are in verbatim and unedited.