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Check Out “Checkout on Instagram”

Instagram announces new in-app checkout capability so users can shop and buy products without having to ever leave the app.

Instagram's new in-app checkout feature
Source: Instagram

Yesterday, Instagram unveiled Checkout on Instagram, a new feature that will allow users to buy, track and manage purchases directly within Instagram.

So far, Instagram users have been able to shop products they see on the app and then click through to the brand’s website to purchase. But with the new feature, you can now simply tap to view the product in question, then click the “Checkout on Instagram” button on the product page to select from various options such as size or colour, before proceeding to payment without leaving Instagram. You’ll also only need to enter your name, email, billing information and shipping address the first time you check out.

“Once your first order is complete, your information will be securely saved for convenience the next time you shop. You’ll also receive notifications about shipment and delivery right inside Instagram, so you can keep track of your purchase.”

As per usual practice though, “Checkout on Instagram” is currently in closed beta for businesses and available to people in the US and there’s no indication yet when users in Singapore can expect to see this rolled out (which is usually quite some time later).

Even in beta, Instagram says the new feature will support for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and PayPal, which will serve as the designated processor. Some of the first brands that have already come on board with the new Instagram checkout service include Adidas (@adidaswomen & @adidasoriginals), H&M (@hm), Uniqlo (@uniqlo), and Zara (@zara) so keep a lookout on their pages as these same brands will likely be the first to unveil Checkout here once it’s rolled out to these here parts. And when it does, this is definitely going to be huge for the ecommerce ambitions of local businesses as well, we’re betting.

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