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New Feature Alert: Instagram Stories polls for brands

Instagram’s newest feature lets brands add polls to their sponsored Instagram Stories.

Polls on Instagram Stories isn’t new for individual users but brands can finally use the feature (though to be honest, we didn’t notice it wasn’t available for brands previously.

In a blog post last week, Instagram announced the new feature as the first of more to come in new interactive ad formats in Instagram Stories. The platform feels that such interactive ads in Stories will help brands generate more impact for their campaigns by encouraging people to watch longer. 60% of businesses on Instagram Stories already use an interactive element in their organic story – hashtag, @mention or poll sticker – every month.

“In 9 out of 10 beta campaigns, the polling sticker increased 3-second video views. Brands like Dunkin’ achieved a 20% lower cost-per-video-view using the polling sticker, and Next Games’ polling ad drove 40% more app installs.”


How to Use Polls in Instagram Stories

“Oh great, another new Facebook/Instagram feature announced that hasn’t rolled out to Asia huh?” Nope, we’re happy to report that the polls are already enabled for Singapore users.

Here’s how to do it:
1) In Ads Manager, choose Instagram Stories as your only ad placement.
2) Where you upload your creative and edit your ad’s text, check the box Add an interactive poll

Where to select interactive poll on Facebook Ad Manager

We’d love to try it ourselves by polling our followers if they would respond to brands’ polls but our boss is too much of a miser to put even a few dollars behind the Stories ad. Whatevs.

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