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New report reveals Singapore has the highest smartphone penetration in the region

Singapore has recorded the highest smartphone penetration in the region, with more than 90% of adults using a smartphone, according to the latest data from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism.

We assume you’re probably rolling your eyes right now, going “No shit Sherlock”. But beyond stating the obvious, it’s also interesting to compare this ahberthen statistic to those of other countries in the region.

Source: WARC

For example, Japan comes in at only just over 50% penetration! Crude small penis jokes aside, it’s rather surprising that only half of Japan folks use a smartphone. But then again, us Singaporeans are ridiculously spoiled.

South Park said it, not us. Don’t have a cow, man.

Malaysia lags just behind us (what else is new lol), followed by Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, South Korea, and Japan. Also, Australia is the only market where more than 50% of adults use a tablet, with Hong Kong close to the one-half mark at 47.8%. Japan leads in desktop/laptop penetration at over four-fifths while South Korea is marginally behind at 78.9%.

What do all of these numbers mean? It simply reinforces the fact that if your ads and content are not already targeting Singaporeans as they browse on mobile, you’re really losing out. Also, you really don’t know Singaporeans.

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