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REBL welcomes an exciting new leadership team

As reported by A+M, we’re delighted to announce that Tanner Nagib, Low Jun Jek and Emily Yeunhwa Lee have joined the REBL high council.

Tanner (pictured left), was formerly regional client service and digital director of Hakuhodo, and is responsible for expanding our remit in Malaysia. He is also the founder of Beatnk, a micro network of agencies across Southeast Asia, of which REBL is a part of. I’ve known Tanner for quite a few years, having worked with him while he was at Hakuhodo and myself at Grey Digital. The man is a charismatic and strategic leader who commands any room he’s in, and I have no doubt he’s going to help REBL blaze a trail in Malaysia. And a damn furiously burning bright one at that.

We’re also extremely excited to be working with Low Jun Jek (pictured right) again. JJ, as we affectionately call him, will be our chief creative advisor for both Singapore and Malaysia. Based in Singapore, JJ is a former Group Executive Creative Director and Partner at Grey Digital, and has spent the past 20 years championing numerous award-winning campaigns with outstanding brand experiences including a legion of international awards including the Cannes Lions, Webby Awards, Spikes Awards, Effie Awards, AMES Awards, AdFest and the FWA, amongst others.  With him leading on the creative front, I’m supremely confident he’s going to level up REBL’s overall creative output.

And last but not least, let me introduce Emily Lee, who joins us as Director of Business & Strategy. Hailing from Korea, Emily has actually been on board since November, quietly transforming the way we do our business and upgrading our approach to marketing. We made quite the dynamic duo as founding members of the planning team at Grey Digital back in the day. At the height of our madness, we tackled new pitches at weekly rate, sometimes even two in a week. In one particular year, we even had win rate upwards of something like 80% between us. Not too shabby.

Emily later moved on from Grey to join furniture startup Castlery, where she spent three years building and spearheading the marketing department, helping them become one of Singapore’s most successful and profitable furniture e-commerce retailers in a short time. Emily has already been applying this experience and knowledge in performance marketing to REBL’s e-commerce clients to great success, and you can expect to see some impressive case studies in the coming months.

Exciting times at REBL. Do you sense a disturbance in the force yet?